Tipping Points in social-ecological systems

The term tipping point has experienced explosive popularity across multiple disciplines over the last decade. Research on social-ecological systems (SES) has contributed to the growth and diversity of the term’s use. The diverse uses of the term obscure potential differences between tipping behavior in natural and social systems, and issues of causality across natural and social system components in SES. This project is a collaboraton between Drs. Manjana Milkoreit, Jennifer Hodbod, Jean-Denis Mathias, Michael Schoon and myself and aims to better define and assess tippint points in social-ecological systems, focusing more thoroughly on social-tpping points.

Associate Professor

My research interests relate to assessinig and analyzing dynamics of social ecological systems, common pool resources, resilence of coastal systems and the relationship between cognitive abilities and group adaptabilty to socio-economic, political and environmental changes