Cognitive Abilities and Group Adaptability in Social Ecological Systems

This project focuses on assessing how cognitive, human build, natural and social infrastructure affect adaptation and resilience. The project part on cognitive abilities was featured on [Access Utah]( for Utah Public Radio.

Collaboratve Governance

This project focuses on studying adaptve collaborative management in social-ecological systems

Commons Synthesis Project

This project focuses on synthesizing and analyzing work on the commons (both in academic and non-academic journals). Here Dr. Epstein gives an introduction to the [**Common Synthesis Project**](

Modelling and Simulation

Projects and papers related to assessing human-environment systems via modelling and simulation

Resilience in Social Ecological Systems

This is an ensemble of projects focusing on resilience of social-ecological systems and coastal systems

Social Ecological Networks

These projects focus on the use of networks to analyze social-ecological systems

Tipping Points in social-ecological systems

This project focuses on understanding and assessing tippng points in socal-ecological systems