Understanding the interplay between cognition, institutions, the environment and the build infrastructure to further adaptability and transformability in social-ecological systems


Today we are faced by significant changes in the challenges that we face such as increasing intensity and frequency of wildfires, hurricanes, and floods (among others) and biodiversity loss. During this presentation i will present work that is based on an interdisciplinary and multi-method approach and whose key objective is to assess how cognition and social network interact with the natural and build infrastructure. I will first present results from behavioral experiments and case studies looking at collaboration in managing social-ecological systems. Then i will present a series of models based on the experimental results and expand the discussion to assess how cognition, institutions, the environemnt and the built iinfrastructure iinteract in order to shed light on how to increase our ability to adapt and transform under changing, uncertain conditons.

Nov 4, 2021 —
Online Webinar
Online Webinar

Ideas-For-US, USA.

Associate Professor

My research interests relate to assessinig and analyzing dynamics of social ecological systems, common pool resources, resilence of coastal systems and the relationship between cognitive abilities and group adaptabilty to socio-economic, political and environmental changes