Prospective Students

If you are interested in working with me, please check the project pages and contact me via email

  • Link to graduate program here.

Current PostDoctoral Research Associates:

I am not currently hiring postdoctoral research associates

Past Postdoctoral Research Associates:

Dr. Graham Epstein worked on the Commons Synthesis Projects for advancing the understanding of institutions and their role in our ability to manage natural resources and adapt to change. More about his work can be found on his google scholar page Dr. Epstein is now a Research Associate working with Prof. Dustin Garrick at the University of Waterloo, Ontario, Canada.

Dr. Joshua Lambert worked on the Commons Synthesis Project as well as on analysing policy documents to assess the co-evolution of natural disasters and policies in the gulf of mexico region. More about his work and expertise can be found here and here you can find his google scholar page. Dr. Lambert is now a machine learning engineer at Spark Cognition Government Services.

Current PhD Students

Jennifer Obado-Joel is working on migration, climate change and security as well as conflict and cooperation in groups

Current Students (role in parenthesis):

  • Felicia Gordian (Research assistant for the Commons Synthesis Project and for policy document analysis)
  • Devyn Escalanti (Security Studies Program - PhD committee member)
  • Erika Ricci (Security Studies Program - PhD committee member)
  • Ozgur Kayaalp (Security Studies Program - PhD committee member)
  • Frida Bahja (Rosen College of Hospitality - PhD committee member)
  • Bruce Miller (Industrial Engineering - PhD committee member)
  • Lux Miranda (Industrial Engineering - MA committee member)
  • Carmen Calzado (Environment and Society - PhD committee member - Utah State University)
  • Stan Rhodes (Environment and Society - PhD committee member - Utah State University)

Past Students

  • Riana Gayle (MA in Environment and Society), worked for Utah Public Radio and now works as a data analyst for the Western Rural Development Center.

Past students i have worked with (role in parenthesis)

  • 2019: Gwendwr Meredith (committee member) – PhD in Human Dimensions of Ecosystem Science and Management, Utah State University
  • 2019: Ryan James (committee member) – MS in Water Resources Engineering, Utah State University
  • 2018: Lyndi Perry (committee member) – MS in Landscape and Urban Planning, Utah State University
  • 2018: Jeffrey Height (committee member) – MS in Watershed Sciences, Utah State University,
  • 2018: Jose Camilo Fagua (committee member) – PhD in Wildland Resources, Utah State University
Associate Professor

My research interests relate to assessinig and analyzing dynamics of social ecological systems, common pool resources, resilence of coastal systems and the relationship between cognitive abilities and group adaptabilty to socio-economic, political and environmental changes