A full list of Grants and Awards


  • UCF Seed Funding Program - IR: Interdisciplinary Research co-PI with Sergio Alvarez (PI), Thomas Wahl (co-PI), Chris Emrich (co-PI): Influences of coupled natural-human systems on sea-level rise adaptation pathways for Florida. ($67,500)
  • NAS: co-PI with Chris Emmrich (PI), Thomas Wahl (co-PI), Kristy Lewis (co-PI), Sergio Alvarez (co-PI), Sonia Stephens (co-PI): The New First Line of Defense: Building Community Resilience through Residential Risk Disclosure Resilience. ($3,403,554.00).
  • USDA-NIFA: co-PI with Kari Veblen (PI), Mark Brunson (co-PI) and David Pyke (co-PI): A preemptive rangeland restoration approach to improving biodiversity and provision of ecosystem services ($500,000)
  • NSF INFEWS Track 1: co-PI for Utah State University sub-award ($423,899) with Christopher Lant (co-PI). Proposal PI: Ben Ruddell, Arizona State University: Mesoscale Data Fusion to Map and Model the U.S. FEW system (INFEWSion) ($3,000,000) (other co-Pi: Kevin R Gurney, Michael Hanemann, John L Sabo, Shade T Shutters, Tara J Troy, Alfonso I Mejia, Kristen Averyt, Megan Konar)

  • NSF IBSS: co-PI with Jacob Freeman (PI) and Thomas Coyle (co-PI): Diversity, Intelligence and Robust Cooperation in Social Ecological Systems ($465,893)

  • SPARC Seed Grant from Utah State University, co-PI with Jordan Smith (PI) and Sarah Null (co-PI): Developing a coupled socio-hydrological agent-based model to examine the demand for and supply of outdoor recreation and tourism opportunities under future climate scenarios ($35,000)

  • Seed Grant from the Center for Biodiversity Outcomes, Arizona State University, co-PI with Michael Schoon, Candice Carr Kelman and Dara Wald: Collaborative Governance for Improving Biodiversity Outcomes ($7,000)

  • Consortium for Biosocial Complex Systems, co-PI with Michael Schoon, Ken Abbot, Erik Johnston and Jose Lobo: Working across Scales in the Governance of Social-Ecological Systems, seed grant ($1,000)

  • Haynes Foundation, consultant, with Prof. Hal Nelson (PI): Power Struggles: Improving Energy Infrastructure Project Siting, Outcomes in the Los Angeles Region ($127,940)
  • ESRC PhD scholarship (Economic and Social Research Council, UK)


  • 2017 Researcher of the Year -, SJ & Jessie E. Quinney College of Natural Resources Researcher of the Year, Utah State University
Associate Professor

My research interests relate to assessinig and analyzing dynamics of social ecological systems, common pool resources, resilence of coastal systems and the relationship between cognitive abilities and group adaptabilty to socio-economic, political and environmental changes