PUP 3204 Sustainabiility

Sustainability PUP 3204 is an upper-level undergraduate course taught either face to face or online. Taught currently and each semester since 2018 at UCF

Course Description

This course is an introduction to concepts related to sustainability, resilience and common pool resources. The course will focus on introducing concepts, metrics and examples of issues and problems that fall under the umbrella of “sustainability” with a focus on managing common pool resources sustainably and an introduction to resilience and social-ecological systems. In the face to face version both traditional lecture and student led lectures/presentation will be used in this class. The online version requires weekly discussions.

Student Learning Outcomes

By the end of the semester student should be more familiar with pressing issues related to sustainability, understand what social dilemmas are and trade-offs that exist when dealing with “sustainability” as well as “resilience” and have a more holistic view related to problem solving and the environment. Further, by the end of the course, students should be:

  • Familiar with concepts related to sustainability (sustainability, equity, legitimacy, fairness etc.), common pool resources (social dilemmas, common pool resource systems etc.), and resilience (social-ecological systems, resilience, vulnerability etc.)
  • Able to read peer-reviewed literature, and critically assess it and discuss it.
  • Able to search for added information using proper peer-reviewed literature (e.g. via google scholar, or the library, or ISI web of knowledge etc.)
Associate Professor

My research interests relate to assessinig and analyzing dynamics of social ecological systems, common pool resources, resilence of coastal systems and the relationship between cognitive abilities and group adaptabilty to socio-economic, political and environmental changes